Underwater Action! Walleye, Perch, and Pike On Pelican Lake, Manitoba

I love capturing underwater fish footage! Pelican Lake was the perch place for that. So cool watching pike, perch, and walleye all eat our lures in the shallow (and clear) waters of Pelican Lake, Manitoba. Huge thanks to Owen and Keevin for joining us. Definitely check out “The Pelican” restaurant and accommodations if you’re in the area! Thanks for watching!

Fishing and Hunting in Manitoba (HuntfishMB): http://bit.ly/2Z6kmvz

Pelican Campground And Lounge: https://bit.ly/33UR0XV

Keevin Erickson (Instagram): https://instagram.com/keevin_erickson

Owen Lockhart (Instagram): https://instagram.com/owenlockhart_hunt_fish

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