A Week In The Woods – Film

My first Ontario Moose hunt, what an experience! Huge thanks to Dakota Lithium and Winoga Lodge (Troy and Bailey) for making this trip possible. Can’t wait to do it again.

Dakota Lithium: https://bit.ly/32i5lgq

Winoga Lodge: https://bit.ly/3zWPjq1

Big Troy: https://bit.ly/3P276k5

Alumacraft Competitor 205: https://bit.ly/3yQTSSQ

Mercury Pro XS 200hp: https://bit.ly/38FDrhF

Trolling Motor Battery (Dakota Lithium 12V 100AH x 3): https://bit.ly/3yNv4rK

Wavewhackers: https://bit.ly/3LFEN9s

Costa Reefton Pro Sunglasses (580 Glass Green Mirror): https://bit.ly/38IVVO8

Lifejacket (Onyx A/M 24): https://bit.ly/3xBfEHR

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