100+ Pound Gigantic Nile Perch

Most avid fishermen have put together a “bucket list” of fish to catch before they die. In the winter of 2016 I was lucky enough to cross one of these species off my list. After a filming assignment in South Africa I decided to extend my trip afterwards with a short flight to Uganda. There I met my dad and we headed to the Nile River, more specifically Murchison Falls…home of a true river monster, the Nile Perch. This was truly one of the most unique fishing situations I had ever been in. While fishing it was as if we were on a safari, surrounded by elephants, hippos, and crocs. I could try to describe it with text, but I think the video will do a better job. This is a trip that I may never be able to top..and to do it with my dad, priceless.

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